Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vista and FlashGet

FlashGet causes instabilities in Windows Vista. This seem to be related to the jcatch.dll BHO loaded in Internet Explorer 7. Symptoms include:
  • Inability to right click in IE- Inability to launch additional applications (QuickTime for example throws up a Buffer overflow error -- most other applications open then instantly quit)
  • Error messages and dialog boxes (such as save picture only half open -- the window appears but no options appear in it)
  • New tabs don't load sites- Folders don't completely open (the window comes up but the folder contents aren't loaded)

All these can be solved by closing several tabs in IE or closing IE altogether

If you want to continue using FlashGet then simply rename or delete jcatch.dll. (in the FlashGet program files folder -- this will disable the Right click download with FlashGet functionality however).

Additionally, you can try using the classic version of FlashGet which doesn't seem to cause the problem. At the time of writing the bug still persisted in the latest version of FlashGet (

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