Sunday, December 31, 2006

Installing Networked Printers - Print Monitor is Unknown Error

When installing a networked printer (in my case the Canon PiXIMA iP3000) you recieve a The Specified Print Monitor is Unknown error.

While i'm not sure if this will work for everyone this is what fixed the problem for me.
1.) Enable UAC (Go into the control panel and type UAC in the search bar then follow through the 'wizard') -- restart your computer when prompted
2.) Install the printer
3.) Disable UAC


Anonymous said...

Your Fix was Absolutely what I needed. My combination was a HP Deskjet 5650 connected to a Compaq Presario SR2020NX running XP Media Edition and a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4467 pre bundled with Vista Home Edition. After standard network protocol this error message was displayed and your work-around solved the issue; taht for several days Toshiba and HP could not solve. My hats off to you and your awsome blog!

Andy said...

That worked for me too. It was an HP Deskjet 5500 on a remote XP Pro box, the client was Vista Ultimate. Weird that UAC would need to be turned on for this. Similar issue happened to me when trying to install Adobe Reader 8:

Thanks for the tip!

Tee-Lah said...

Thank you, worked for me! printer on an XP pro desktop and vista on laptop on network

shaitan said...

This fixed worked with one small adjustment.

I received this error with UAC turned on and having never been turned off. I guess everyone else just disables it right away.

Disabling and then re-enabling UAC allowed me to add the printer.

It doesn't seem to matter but it was an HP Laserjet 2550 shared from a windows 2003 server.

Ale said...

hello there, i disabled UAC and tried installing my HP 5650 in my Vaio laptop. after getting the monitor error i read this post. I enabled UAC but the error is still there. I’ve disabled and reenabled it several times, but the result is always the same…

pleasee HELP!!

thanks a lot

SamSixty said...

great stuff.
UAC causes errors in some other programs I use too so I keep it turned off.

Never though about turning it back on for any reason, now I guess I better learn a little more about UAC and what exactly it does.

CDJFinancial said...

Wow, I wasted too much time before finding this fix!

My scenario:
Vista Home Premium laptop - new
XP Home SP 2 desktop - existing
HP LJ 4100 connected to XP desktop
HP OJ 9110 connected to XP desktop

Vista laptop: turned UAC on, rebooted, Add Printer, install driver when prompted.


Thanks all!


Victor said...

I am using Compaq Evo laptop and that solution didn't work for me and i got the same error.
What i did to fix the prob. is:
1) Install the dirver localy i.e to port LPT1
2) Right click the installed printer and under the port tap add configure a new tcp/ip port
3) the port should be the network path to the shared printer
i.e. \\compName\sharedPrintName
4) ignore Vista's prompted messages to install the driver. just send a job to your printer.


Property Group said...

I was trying to configure a new HP Laser Jet 2605DN network printer. I am running XP Media Center on one Toshiba Satellite and XP Home on another Toshiba Satellite. In either case, I am unable to add a TCP/IP port as part of the networked printer install. After the IP address is entered, the add printer application gives a fatal error and stops responding.

However, I was able to add the printer and the TCP/IP port on Vista.

HP was unable to resolve this issue and declared it to be a Toshiba problem. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

sarabose said...

I was so confused, you made me smile. the solution worked!
hp 2605dn driver

Sweet Fairy said...

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shamraiz said...

However, I was able to add the printer and the TCP/IP port on Vista.
HP was unable to resolve this issue and declared it to be a Toshiba problem. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Plastic cards Printing

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